The Netherlands

Aanvullend Voorzieningengebruik Onderzoek (AVO) 2007
Amenities and Services Utilisation Survey (AVO) 2007

The Netherlands Institute of Social Research (SCP) publishes studies about the Dutch population on the basis of population surveys. In these surveys culture and media participation is also measured.

Relevant reports are:   

The Social State of the Netherlands 2011, with a chapter 9 on leisure time use.

Digging culture and doing culture. Trends in cultural participation and media use. (Cultuurbewonderaars en cultuurbeoefenaars 2009), Andries van den Broek, Jos de Haan Frank Huysmans with a summary in English

Facts and figures of the Netherlands (1995 – 2006), with a chapter 8 on culture, media and sports (p 69).

In reach of the past. Trends in the interest in cultural heritage 2007 (Het bereik van het verleden. Ontwikkelingen in de belangstelling voor cultureel erfgoed) Jos de Haan Frank Huysmans – with a summary in English

In order to get an insight into the visiting behaviour of incoming tourists, once every three years the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) executes a large scale research: 'Focus on the incoming tourist: Inbound Tourism Research.' In this survey tourists are also asked about their cultural participation (among which museum visits).

Relevant report: