Audience Research. Population Surveys. March 2020

Report by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Spain

Audience Research. Population Surveys

In our view, there are several ways to obtain information about audience:

A) Data supplied directly by the museums, although not directly obtained from visitor Surveys

B) Data obtained from population surveys.

Regarding the data obtained from population surveys, the Division for Statistics and Studies provides the following references:

The Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain 2018-2019, is an official statistics produced on a four-year basis that is included in the National Statistics Plan.  It is a sample survey that is conducted by the Division for Statistics and Studies of the General Technical Secretariat from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports and directed towards a sample of 16,000 people aged 15 and over. The sample was selected by the Spanish National Statistics Institute. The survey has several objectives: firstly, evaluating the development of the main indicators for cultural habits and practices of the Spanish population over time; secondly, analysing relevant aspects in the field of culture, especially concerning the consumption of culture, and studying in depth the ways of obtaining specific cultural products subject to intellectual property rights, such as books, recorded music, video and software. Similarly to previous four-year editions of the survey, cultural participation has been investigated across different cultural activities: museums, art galleries, archives and monuments; reading of books and periodicals and visiting libraries; performing and musical arts: theatre, opera, operetta, ballet or dance and circus; classical music and contemporary music; the audio-visual and new technologies sector: cinema, video, television and radio, video games, as well as other activities related to culture and leisure. Activities vulnerable to the infringement of intel-lectual property rights have been investigated in the areas of books, music, video and software. The main classification characteristics used in the project are: sex, age, educational level and personal or professional status. The results were also presented according to the individual’s place of residence: the size of the municipality and the autonomous region.

Details on the methodological aspects of this statistic, as well as the detailed results are available on: 

Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain


Yearbook of Cultural Statistics 2019 A data selection is included




All these data are available on the website of the Ministry:

Ministry of Culture and Sport. Spain