Publications by EGMUS

In 2004 EGMUS published a first overview of data available on museum statistics on more than 20 countries in Europe. You can find the PDF-file here:

A Guide to European Museum Statistics (PDF)

or you can order a printed copy at the Institut für Museumsforschung, In der Halde 1, 14195 Berlin, Germany.

Since 2004 data have been continuously updated. All data provided on this website.

Museum statistics and cultural policy (PDF)

Paper presented at the 12th plenary meeting in the European Group on Museum Statistics (EGMUS): Museum Statistics and Museum Policies – New Developments Oslo, 21 – 22 October 2010. Prepared by Jos de Haan (Head of the research group Time, Media and Culture at the Netherlands Institute of Social Research (SCP) and Professor ICT, Culture and Knowledge Society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam).


Publications by other Sources

Culture Statistics

Culture statistics | 2016 edition (PDF)
Pocketbook Cultural Statistics (PDF), 2011 Edition (first published in 2007).

European Statistical System Network on Culture. 2012 FINAL REPORT (PDF)

In 2012 the UIS published a reviewed methodological approach for Measuring the economic contribution of cultural industries (PDF) and the Handbook Measuring cultural participation (PDF) that offers guidelines for creating surveys as well as national specifications.

In 2011 the The Cultural Participation Fund (FCP) of the Netherlands published a Yearbook on cultural participation for 2010. It includes a comparison on museum and cultural participation in six European countries. The Yearbook can be downloaded here: (PDF)

Here you can download an English version of the international comparison.

The Framework for Cultural Statistics (FCS) published by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) in 2009. It updates the 1987 methodology for guiding professionals who organise cultural statistics. The FCS can be downloaded here (PDF).


Museums and Art Gallery Attendance in Canada and the Provinces
Research series on the arts, Vol. 1 No. 3 (PDF)