In our view, there are several ways to obtain information about audience:

A) Data supplied directly by the museums, although not directly obtained from visitor’s survey

B) Data obtained from population surveys.

B) Regards to data obtained from population surveys, the Division of Statistics and Studies could offer the following references:

The Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain. The survey is carried out each four years by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, is a sample-based research work, done on 16 thousand people over the age of 15, resident in Spain. This survey has, among other objectives, to provide indicators such as the interest of Spaniards in the different sectors of the world of culture, the frequency and intensity with which those activities are carried out, and the habits acquired with regard to the same. The characteristics of personal classification used are: gender; age; academic level; marital status and professional situation. In relation to Museums and Museum Collections, the survey questionnaire includes questions relative to when the last visit to museums was made, with a distinction between the last quarter and the last year. For those who made visits in the last quarter, an indicator of the intensity of that practice is sought. The module concludes by requesting information on the characteristics of the last visit to a museum from those who went to a museum in the last year: the day of the week, the type of entry ticket used, the geographical location, and the type of museum visited, as well as the level of satisfaction with the visit, measured on a scale of 0 to 10. For the first time the frequency of virtual online tours to museums have been investigated.

Details on the methodological aspects of this statistic, as well as the detailed results are available on:  

Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain

A data selection is included in Cultural Statistics Yearbook in Spain 2018

The statistical database CULTURAbase

All these data are available on Web:  Ministry of Culture and Sport