Standard Questionnaire

A look at the figures that are available from the national museum statistics shows that the only way to achieve fully comparable data on European museums is to include uniform questions in the national museum surveys. Based on international standards and current practices in the participating countries, EGMUS developed the Standard Questionnaire.

This questionnaire concerns the key indicators of the museums:

  • identification of museums (to distinguish these from the 'museum-like' institutions such as exhibition halls or 'Kunsthallen'),
  • kind of museums,
  • opening hours,
  • legal status and ownership,
  • exhibition and visits,
  • expenditure and income,
  • personnel,
  • use of information and communication technology.

Various countries already use the Standard Questionnaire in their national surveys. Other EGMUS participants intend to use the questionnaire, or a part of it related to a special topic, in their upcoming museum surveys. If you use the questionnaire or part of it, we would appreciate if you could tell us and also provide information on your results.


You are invited to use all the questions or choose those which are appropriate for your national survey

Questionnaire in English
    (DOC, 424 KB)

This Standard Questionnaire was updated by the EGMUS group in November 2013.