ENUMERATE intends to create a reliable baseline of statistical data about digitization, digital preservation and online access to cultural heritage in Europe., last visited: 18.10.2016., last visited: 18.10.2016.

Linked Heritage aims to contribute large quantities of new content to Europeana, from both the public and private sectors., last visited: 18.10.2016. is a portal that acts as an interface to millions of digitised books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe.
, last visited: 18.10.2016.

AthenaPlus is a best practice network to contribute, improve and experiment with the access to cultural heritage in Europeana., last visited: 18.10.2016.

Further Projects

The public access internet portal gives accurate information on major exhibitions in European museums., last visited: 18.10.2016 (the project documentation site is:

The Numeric Study aimed to measure the progress of the digitisation of Europe’s cultural heritage and is the precursor project of ENUMERATE, last visited 18.10.2016..

STERNA is a Network project which supports the objectives of the European Digital Library by pioneering the integration of semantically enriched digital resources in the field of natural science, biodiversity and conservation., last visited: 18.10.2016.

ATHENA and AthenaPlus were projects which developed a framework to specifically tackle the gaps existing in content provision to Europeana., last visited 18.10.2016 and, last visited: 18.10.2016.