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Cultural Statistic Information on Web:  Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

Statistics on Museums and Museum Collections in Spain

Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain

Cultural Statistics Yearbook in Spain

Data can be consulted in CULTURAbase
Cultural Statistic Information on Web. Ministry of Culture. Spain.

Satellite Account on Culture in Spain:
Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain 2006-2007
Cultural Statistics Yearbook in Spain, last available 2012 is an annual museological publication by the Ministry of Culture's General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets, through the General Assistant Manager of National Museums. The publication centres on the national and international panorama of museums.

Conociendo a nuestros visitantes (Getting to know our visitors) is a report published by the Permanent Visitor Studies Laboratory of the Sub-directorate General of State Museums of the Ministry of Culture.